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Artist Statement

Inspiration for my art includes my work with master potter, Katsuyuki Sakazume and subsequent study in Japan. The aesthetic of beauty of the imperfect is purposely incorporated into my ceramics.

My art forms are created from red earthenware using hand built processes of stretching, altering and joining slabs of clay. While the clay is still workable, shapes, coils and other features are incorporated. My vessels all use a three-sided form as a consistent point of departure and I challenge myself by creating each piece uniquely, developing patterns or referencing nature or an historical style. Faux forms such as pitchers give the viewer an added delight where distinct surface treatments distinguish two views. The contrast of clay and glaze is important to my expression as it draws attention to shapes, patterns and rich textures.

Technically, my work is fired to cone 04 (approx. 1900˚ F). The interiors of all works are glazed which allows them to be enjoyed as functional art. Ewers, dishes and trays are all dishwasher safe.


katz and barbara  portrait of artist  japan portrait

Left to Right: Anagama kiln workshop with Katsuyuki Sakazume 1982, Working in studio, Study in Japan 2004